Our Services

What makes us different


With over 20 years experience in recruiting and staffing within Southern California, we
have a deep understanding of the local job markets.  We have access to an extensive, exclusive, network of talent, locally and nationally.

We utilize the most effective technology and advanced sourcing capabilities in the
staffing industry. These ensure the highest quality candidates and the broadest
selection for your managers to choose from.

We work with hiring managers in a thoughtful and intelligent manner to understand the
required skills and characteristics needed within the unique job requisite.  We utilize a comprehensive applicant tracking system (ATS).

We work on a contingency basis for positions with salaries under $200k annually.  We value your decision to trust us and we strive for the highest level of customer service – period! As a smaller firm, we can be extremely responsive to your needs in a way that
the larger firms just can’t. We guarantee each hire.hiring[1]

Our Philosophy

We strive to accurately understand your needs, recognize the nuances of your business
culture and ensure that our team correctly assesses the qualifications that fit the job. These are the promises we deliver on, each and every time.

We interview our clients carefully, we visit your office, we research your company, we seek to understand the reason for the opening and what your real needs are, and we incorporate your feedback in a meaningful way to ensure that we continually improve our services.

Our Process



...high quality candidates through existing candidate pool, our extensive network for referrals, advanced Boolean search knowledge, and best-of-breed databases with currently employed (passive) candidates.


...applicant and update ads or change recruitment project as necessary to increase quality applications.


...applications received and suggest and deliver responses.


...questions and format for interviews.


...and conduct first interviews.


...applicants of their rejected or accepted applications.


...and facilitate second interview and / or third if necessary.


...candidates as needed (skills-based, personality, drug screenings, etc.).


...backgrounds of candidates and conduct references (including criminal and driving record).

Secure Candidate

...finalize offer and get sign off.

Follow Up

...to ensure excellent customer service, we continue to check in with both client and candidate throughout guarantee period.